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ECA World Fitness NYC! Celebrates 20th Anniversary!

The ECA World Fitness – International Organization celebrates their 20th Anniversary in NYC! Never before have Fitness Professionals in NYC been recognized for their talents; nor has there been a portal for Instructors/Trainers to go for knowledge and cutting edge information. ECA is responsible for providing the hottest Fitness Conventions in the world! New York & Miami are the most innovative and creative platforms, where the ECA annually provide their high energy fueled events! CEO & Founder Carol Scott urges many future attendees and fitness hopefuls, that this event will change lives!

Billy Blanks & SusieQ @ECA!

Billy Blanks & SusieQ @ECA!

Billy Blanks, Israelian Hunk Gilad & many other Fitness professionals were there to celebrate this special anniversary. Calvin Wiley received top honors as an A-List Master Instructor at the award show, for his fabulous Calvinography classes, that is out of this WORLD! Seane Corn & Petra Kolber were a few of the many also awarded. Angie Bunch, founder of the hip-hop Culture Shock group announced her retirement as a Presenter. SusieQ was inspired to instruct hip-hop aerobic classes when referred to the ECA from a family relative-fitness instructor, where she originally fell in love with Angie’s moves! Luckily Cheyenne Kibblewhite will take over the reins & she’s just fantastic too!
Tony Stone & SusieQ FitLife @ECA NYC

Tony Stone & SusieQ FitLife @ECA NYC

Celebrity Choreographer, Tony Stone confirmed that the ECA brings an excitement and energy unlike any other place. He says that the most talented people attend the ECA events and learn so many things! Exuberant tradeshows with various vendors introducing brand new products & ideas all begin with the ECA, who continuously raise the bar for fitness industry standards.

Paul Chek & SusieQ FitLife!

Paul Chek & SusieQ FitLife!

The educational lectures are the cream of the crop. When you have the likes of Lisa Wheeler & thought provoking, Mr. Paul Chek, who is well known to be controversial, cocky & brilliant! Who would miss out on any of these essential learning tools that help create well qualified Fitness Professionals? Individuals who are serious about their career will not miss out on this event, because who can afford to do that? Fitness Pro’s must constantly work on improving themselves; while continuing their education, in order to give their very best to private clients/ gym members.

If you don’t believe what you’ve read! See it for yourselves! Watch Video above!

Angie Bunch Culture Shock & SusieQ FitLife! @ECA NYC!

Angie Bunch & SusieQ FitLife!

Gilad, SusieQ FitLife, Core Fitness!

Gilad, SusieQ FitLife, Julianne & Darya!

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Rush Limbaugh vs. Michelle Obama – Who’s FAT?

Rush Limbaugh vs. Michelle Obama! Who’s FAT?

Oh you have to see this to believe this! SusieQ delivered Rush Limbaugh an intense “Watch Your Mouth!” message that will give him a wake-up call for his “Below the Belt” comments to our First Lady Michelle Obama! He states “Obama does not look fit below the belt”. Rush does not have “Arms of a First Lady” nor is he striving to “Get a FitLife”.

Rush Limbaugh vs. Michelle Obama - SusieQ FitLife

Rush Limbaugh vs. Michelle Obama - SusieQ FitLife

Rush needs to keep in mind that Men’s Health magazine has not contacted him to grace the front cover of the publication. There is nothing “highly civil” about a man looking below the belt of any First Lady! And “Every Woman Is A First Lady!” What exactly is Rush looking for below the belt of a First Lady anyways?

SusieQ FitLife Confirms Pickled Pumpkin Salad Healthy!

SusieQ FitLife Confirms Pickled Pumpkin Salad Healthy!

Rush Limbaugh who should be the first in line to take notes from Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign; is highly uncivil! Rush lashed out when he heard Mrs. Obama, dined with family on vacation in Colorado, on 5ounces of lean braised ribs. This doesn’t sound like much news to report, until you read Rush’s comments below. Rush failed to mention that Obama also had pickled pumpkin salad, wild mushrooms, sautéed kale along with other healthy vegetables that went unnoticed; because Rush may not be eating his vegetables. (Limbaugh’s comments can be seen below this post). Restaurant owner Kelly Liken confirmed the meal healthy! Unfortunately, Rush believes that healthy food does not taste good and refers to it as tree bark! SusieQ will teach him how to Watch His Mouth!

SusieQ FitLife: Arms of a First Lady - Watch Your Mouth!

SusieQ FitLife: Arms of a First Lady - Watch Your Mouth!

The bottom line is that when you “Watch Your Mouth” and everything you put in it, you can incorporate certain desired food s within moderation along with exercising to “Arms of a First Lady” in order to “Get a FitLife!” It doesn’t matter if you’re Michelle Obama or Joe Schmo! It’s all about balance! There is no crime in enjoying certain foods occasionally; as Mrs. Obama has encouraged consuming foods in moderation is key!

Michelle Obama "Let's Move!"

Michelle Obama "Let's Move!"

If Michelle Obama is considered to be overweight (according to Rush); Then what is to be said of the women in America & around the globe? This may be the very reason why women feel constant pressure about their weight and having to live up to extreme high expectations! As women, we may take offence about being deemed as “unfit” if we are not swimsuit models. Women were created in various shapes & sizes to be respected, celebrated & adored! Did we say not “airbrushed”? Rush is actually disrespecting his own mother too!

SusieQ FitLife - 3 Body Types

SusieQ FitLife - 3 Body Types

SusieQ outlines & illustrates in the video clip, the various body shapes & the 3 main body types that should be recognized and respected by “EveryBODY!” Including Rush… yes his body type is included as well!

Did Rush Limbaugh have Lap-Band surgery or a Gastric Bypass? Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with having to undergo the surgery if needed; SusieQ asks this direct question on video that everyone wants to know, that has been speculated for years! SusieQ FitLife says it’s time for Rush to tell the truth! Considering Rush recently stated “every square inch of my glorious naked body oozes with the truth”. So, what’s the naked truth?

Confessions of an ARMED Celebrity Fitness Trainer!

Confessions of an ARMED Celebrity Fitness Trainer!

SusieQ FitLife has also been inspired by Rush Limbaugh to tell the truth with an all new “Confessions of an ARMED Celebrity Fitness Trainer” online video series, begins this Spring on Never has a Fitness Trainer revealed so much personal/intimate information before. Secrets get revealed & myths get uncovered. SusieQ is about to tell the truth and take you where no other Trainer can take you!

Our First Lady should be commended for all of her positive efforts in encouraging people and our children to become healthier as our nation is facing a tremendous problem in terms of obesity. SusieQ FitLife is determined to join the “Let’s Move!” campaign and help bring unbelievable energy to the team, while motivating this nation!

It’s safe to say that Michelle Obama is not rooting for A-Rod’s team anyways. When you live a “FitLife” with balance and you happen to be married to Barack Obama; you need not seek apologies from people like Limbaugh. His uncivil remarks got brushed off quicker than a Swiffer WetJet!

Let's Move! Michelle Obama & SusieQ FitLife

Let's Move! Michelle Obama & SusieQ FitLife

It would be considered obvious that we must do our part and make a difference in improving the health of our country and support the efforts of our First Lady’s “Let’s Move” Campaign! Rush Limbaugh has been facing personal health & weight management struggles and he needs the guidance to “Get a FitLife” and to participate with “Let’s Move!” to alleviate possible frustrations that may be occurring in his life. The good news is that everyone can benefit! Now, “Let’s Move” & “Get a FitLife!”

Rush Limbaugh’s comments:
“The problem is, and dare I say this, it doesn’t look like Michelle Obama follows her own nutritionary, dietary advice. And then we hear that she’s out eating ribs at 1,575 calories a serving with 141 grams of fat per serving. Michelle My Belle is out there saying if you eat the roots and tree bark and the berries and all this cardboard stuff you will live longer, be healthier and you won’t be obese. Okay, fine, show us.”

Restaurant owner Kelly Liken:
“A braised short rib is a relatively lean cut of beef, braised with most of the fat cooked off. The 5-ounce serving runs about 600 calories”. Confirmed — a far cry from the 1,575 calories and 141 grams of fat it’s accused of.



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Michelle Obama Celebrates! Let’s Move!

SusieQ's Ready 2 Move w/Michelle Obama!

SusieQ's Ready 2 Move w/Michelle Obama!

Michelle Obama celebrates her Let’s Move! Health Campaign’s one year anniversary! Our First Lady, highlighted the achievements of the anti-child obesity program on Live with Regis & Kelly! SusieQ FitLife strives to join forces with the “Arms of a First Lady!” so, Let’s Move!

SusieQ plans to help solve the childhood obesity challenge by using “Watch Your Mouth!” techniques and helping children to “Get a FitLife!” through active community involvement with an ARMED Celebrity Fitness Trainer!

Read More from Darlene Superville from the Associated Press:

WASHINGTON—Michelle Obama says the cheeseburgers, deep-dish pizza, sausages and buffalo wings the White House served up for the Super Bowl have a place in everyone’s diet, despite her urgings for the public to eat healthier.

“Life is about good food, at least in America,” the first lady told NBC’s “Today” show on Wednesday, the first anniversary of her “Let’s Move!” campaign against childhood obesity. “I’ve always talked about balance in this campaign.”

She conceded that the high-calorie, high-fat menu raised a few eyebrows.

But Mrs. Obama said many of the dietary changes she’s talking about don’t require wholesale changes, such as adding more fruits and vegetables to dinner plates and lunch boxes, helping children exercise more and replacing sugary drinks with water.

“This isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition and it’s important for families not to get caught up in that, not to think that I can never indulge,” she said.


SusieQ FitLife will give you Michelle Obama updates on how quickly they may join forces! Stay tuned!

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Is Adam Carolla Afraid of SusieQ FitLife?

If you were Adam Carolla, you’d be running scared too, if you met SusieQ! She is one armed lady with a challenge that will have viewers hanging off the edge of their seats.  Never before have we seen anything like this outside of Sports & Wrestling! SusieQ FitLife will keep you posted if we hear a “Chirp” from Carolla!

So far silence is not the YouTube word in the comments section of the “SusieQ FitLife vs. Adam Carolla” video clip.  YouTube user “Political Incorrectly” posted “You’re never going to do this so called challenge are you?” At this point SusieQ had to up the ante with a follow up video entitled “Is Adam Carolla Afraid of SusieQ FitLife!” It’s quite an enticing 1.30sec video clip.  She empowers women & motivates men to tone & condition their arms as well!

SusieQ openly reports that she has notified all major TV Networks from Morning, Daytime, Late Night, and Entertainment Shows down to the Newsrooms! SusieQ has made it very clear that the outcome of this “Arms of a First Lady” Challenge will surprise and benefit people! However, she has vowed to only make this an official Televised Announcement! Details will only be available on the  or  site!

Interestingly, men have already confirmed that they don’t share Carolla’s views about Michelle Obama’s toned arms and women’s arms in general.

Although, the details of what the “Arms of a First Lady” Challenge will entail; many wonder if Carolla is physically up for the challenge.  Jimmy Kimmel & Carolla trained together many years ago; however, one would wonder if either one of them could even handle a SusieQ FitLife workout and “Get a FitLife!”

No matter what the outcome may bring; women are encouraged to work out their arms, regardless of anyone’s personal views.  SusieQ says, “I cannot emphasis enough, the importance of developing upper body strength, aside from the beneficial aesthetic appearance.”  Dr. Oz also, strongly warns the risk of Heart Disease if an individual’s waistline is greater than 35 inches.  Through increasing your upper body strength you can decrease your risk in suffering from heart disease, diabetes and obesity.  SusieQ adds that your arms and entire body will thank you later!

In the meantime, only time will tell if Adam Carolla is running scared from SusieQ FitLife’s “Arms of a First Lady” Challenge! Out of respect the Carolla Camp were contacted directly! However, currently there have been no reports or comments made to-date! Stay tuned to SusieQ for details!

Is Adam Carolla Afraid of SusieQ FitLife?

Is Adam Carolla Afraid of SusieQ FitLife?

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SusieQ & Michelle Obama! Let’s Move!

SusieQ FitLife visits The White House Arms Of A First Lady

SusieQ FitLife visits The White House! Let's Move!

SusieQ & Michelle Obama! Let’s Move!

SusieQ FitLife visits The White House with plans to join Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign!

Who knew Sherri Shepherd from ABC’s The View would have sparked off such a tremendous and charitable work effort in SusieQ after making one statement. Sherri told SusieQ that she has Michelle Obama’s Arms on National Television. SusieQ felt inspired by Sherri & wanted to honor our First Lady Mrs. Obama in creating the “Arms of a First Lady” Official Arm Workout Fitness DVD! It has sparked much celebrity and media attention.

SusieQ is not only ready to embark on empowering women and making people physically fit; but, she is now ready for Washington, DC! Her mission is to join forces with Michelle Obama, getting America & The Nation motivated to say “Let’s Move!” SusieQ won’t stop until she has people ready to make some healthy changes to “Get A FitLife!”

Personally, SusieQ struggles with weight and feels the need to help people as she works on strengthening herself, simultaneously. Very often you will hear her chant “Watch Your Mouth” & “Get a FitLife!” The statement is not reprimanding someone for saying something wrong. However, “Watch Your Mouth” is SusieQ’s way of telling people to watch what foods they are putting into their system! Nutrition is an essential key factor says, “Q” in order to “Get a FitLife!” What is that you ask? SusieQ says a FitLife consists of balance in all aspects from career, family life, self-care, physical fitness and you guessed it… nutrition!

Make no mistake about it. SusieQ is determined to help shake up the nation health-wise and work with Michelle Obama on the “Let’s Move!” campaign. Next stop an invite to the White House! Let’s watch and see what happens. In the meantime “Watch Your Mouth” & “Get A Fitlife!”; while you watch this energetic video request!

(Got a Minute? Watch the 58sec “SusieQ/Let’s Move!” Video Below!)

Check the or for details!
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Hottest Fitness DVD Launch Party of the YEAR!!

Rock into the New Year with Michelle Obama’s toned arms! SusieQ gives you “Arms of a First Lady!” We let it rock with the hottest Fitness DVD Launch Party of the YEAR! If you were there, watch this video SLOW, because it will go by really FAST! If you missed it, have no fear.  SusieQ is just getting started as she kicks off her fitness DVD video series. There will be more events in the near future, as we enter 2011 with an “Armed Force” BANG!

Adam Carolla, just might change his view point about women’s arms, once he accepts SusieQ’s Arms of a First Lady: Challenge!

Thank You, ALL for making “Arms of a First Lady!” Launch Party a huge success! The flooding attendance, energy, support and love that filled the air was priceless! Finally, everyone can now witness the HOT Launch Party feeling with this online video.  Many received advanced autographed DVD’s and posters before the release date, online and in-stores at Barnes & Noble! Launch Party photos are available on the SusieQFitLife site in the Launch tab &  

The DVD Blast took place inside the Katwalk Lounge! Special, thanks to all of our sponsors from  The Vitamin Shoppe, Granzoti, Bagel & Bean, Clif Bar (LUNA), Entrepreneur Enterprises, Gold’s Gym NYC, Go Glam Beauty MetroPlus, Park Avenue Post, LB-Graphx & Soft Sheen Carson Products, endorsed by Michelle Obama’s Stylist – Johnny Wright! The gift bags were an amazing treat and everyone is still buzzing about it!

Special THANKS, to my girl Sherri Shepherd from ABC’s “The View”  & our First Lady Michelle Obama for inspiring the magic behind “SusieQ FitLife: Arms of a First Lady” DVD.  These are First Ladies who ROCK!

SusieQ’s, First Lady electric blue dress was created and designed by

Appearances were also made by:  VH1’s Dad Camp – Dr. Jeff Gardere, NY1 TV’s Jessica Abo, DVD Featured Sal Fichera, Hiie Fitness Model, JICNY’s Ari & Marlene Goodman & Fmr. NBA Star Abdul Fox, Bob Celestine, Manon Loiseau, Jennifer Chang, Jodi Samuels, Lisa Brandes, Alex – Secret Service & the fabulous women of the Black Enterprise Magazine: Angela Wright, Yvianne M. Hyacinthe & Kim. I could not have done all of this without you!

The Opinion Queen website has just reported that “Arms of a First Lady” DVD is a total hit!!! There have been over 130 entries for the online DVD giveaway: FIVE winners will be selected today from the Opinion Queen’s random generated draw.  Be sure to check out the site. There may still be time for you to win!! You Must Be a US Resident.  See all contest details and rules on the site.

Burning off the heavy turkey dinner meal can be done the way! She reported that she did the “Arms of a First Lady” DVD workout over the holidays.  Definitely, take it from a First-MizzFIT-Lady! 

The Launch Party Video is brought to you by SusieQ FitLife LLC and was captured by two great Cameramen, Orlando Suazo & Friday Phil. 

AOFL DVD Cast/Crew & Production Team:

Production, Music & Graphic Design:

Wellness Coach: Sal Fichera
Participants: Hiie & Mali (Real Women in SusieQ’s classes!)
Secret Service: Alex A.K.A. Fred Degante
Locations: Dan Lauferswiler & Jodi Samuels
Creator, Producer & Choreographer: SusieQ

Gold's Gym Pass: SusieQ FitLife: Arms of a First Lady DVD Launch

Gold's Gym: SusieQ FitLife Pass

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Do We Bite Off More Than We Can Chew?

Turkey Dinner SusieQ FitLife

Turkey Dinner SusieQ FitLife

Do We Bite Off More Than We Can Chew?

Barbara Walter’s asked Michelle Obama if we should watch what we eat this Holiday? Mrs. Obama said feel free to enjoy yourself this holiday! As your Celebrity Fitness Trainer, However, I have to provide you with some food for thought!

The average American consumes approximately 4,500 calories on Turkey Day, according to the Calorie Control Council. That’s about 2.5 pounds of food and about 229 grams of fat, but who’s counting? 

Believe it or not, our bodies have defenses against eating too much, so we don’t feel completely stuffed or overly full. Once you eat 1,500 calories in one sitting, your body releases a hormone that causes nausea, reported the New York Times

Is White Meat Healthier Than Dark Meat? 

There is a difference! Fitness Competitors & Body Builders stick with one choice.  White meat differs from dark meat because they are different types of muscle, according to the New York Times.  Dark meat does have a few more grams of fat and calories, it is also said to have more iron, zinc, and vitamin B than white meat.  However, Fitness Professionals prefer white meat.  It is easy to prepare and is one of the greatest sources of pure protein.   

White and Dark Turkey Meat: 3.5 ounces of white meat has 1.66 grams of fat and about 161 calories, while same amount of dark meat contains more fat & calories (many say it contains more moisture and flavor).   

SusieQ-TIPS 2 Avoid Overeating:

  1. Brush your teeth after you finish eating your meal.  The minty taste, takes the taste out of your mouth.
  2. Be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.  I tell people during my presentations that hunger is often confused for hunger.
  3. Remove yourself from the kitchen table or environment.  Take a cool shower!
  4. Wait up to 20minutes before continuing to have second servings.  The brain needs 20 minutes for the body to communicate that it may be full already.  Be patient.  Don’t rush to fail nor eat!
  5. Activate your body with fun activity.  Pretend that you are on “Dancing with the Stars” Here is your chance to show everyone that you have actually learned something from watching the show for weeks! Or just go for a walk, run, jog or play a sport! This will help you not to overeat and you can have a smaller portion of seconds if you still desire.
  6. For dessert, try yogurt rather than ice cream with any pumpkin, apple, sweet potatoe or pecan pie. (Don’t eat them all! Choose one or two… tee hee!) 
  7. Minimize the amount of gravy, cream, butter and salt you add to your meal. 
  8. Eat smaller portions throughout the day to lower the amount of calories and fat that you will ingest versus “eating EVERYTHING at once”. 
  9. Lastly, Put the Fork Down while eating mouthfuls of food! Take the time to CHEW your food and talk to your friends and family! Let me say that again.  Chew your food and take the fork out of your hand and rest it on your plate until you have cleared your palette.                                                                                                                                                     
  10. Keep in mind that food is not the focus the enjoyment of great company should be our “FitLife” Focus!

SusieQ FitLife wants you to enjoy the quality time spent with your family & friends and laugh really loud! You can still enjoy your favorite foods as the First Lady suggests, just keep in mind that food is not the focus (the enjoyment of great company is our focus).  Just have a wonderful time today, all day & everyday! Much Love! Now “Get a FitLife!”

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Carolla Not Into Michelle Obama’s Arms! REALLY?!!

Adam Carolla vs SusieQ FitLife!

Adam Carolla vs SusieQ FitLife!

Watch the official Video Clip Below!
MSNBC’s show “Morning Joe” featured Adam Carolla, stating: “Chicks getting washboard abs and arms like Madonna. Ladies we don’t care about arms! Stop being so thrilled with everyone’s arms. Oh, Michelle Obama look at her arms! Oh who cares!”

Just what exactly is Adam Carolla insinuating men are interested in when he says: “Who cares about arms, we’re interested in other parts”? Essentially, every woman wants to look and feel good for herself. These statements are discouraging to people striving to “Get a FitLife”. Telling someone not to care about their arms or abs is like telling someone not to worry about working out! Welcome, heart disease, obesity and diabetes!

Michelle Obama needs to be commended for being such an amazing example of good health. Our First Lady is leading our nation to healthy living! Most likely, Mr. Carolla (wearing his full sleeved pullover) has a possible complex with his own arms and may be dissatisfied with his own physique. Secretly, Adam may desire having “Arms of a First Lady” and SusieQ has the perfect solution to Mr. Carolla’s problem.

Thankfully, Adam does not speak for all men! There are a large number of men who are working out to “SusieQ FitLife: Arms of a First Lady” Fitness DVD. Furthermore, there are many men who enjoy the healthy look of Michelle Obama’s arms! Thanks to the DVD it is now possible to attain! If Adam Carolla believes “In Fifty Years, We’ll All Be Chicks” he better start training, if he wants to qualify.

As a Celebrity Fitness Trainer, SusieQ is working towards joining forces with Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign to encourage our kids and ROCK the nation! SusieQ finds Mr. Carolla’s comments disappointing!! You can’t possibly work your arms without incorporating the entire body. The “Arms of a First Lady” DVD provides a full body workout. The arm targeted workout incorporates bursts of cardio and full body sculpting.

SusieQ will soon make a LIVE proposition on TV to Adam Carolla that will involve his good friend Jimmy Kimmel! Stay tuned!! Between me & you, I don’t think Adam Carolla can win this bet! We say to you Adam… Don’t get mad! Simply, “Watch Your Mouth!” & “Get a FitLife!”

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Can You Lose Weight By Eating High-Fiber Foods for Breakfast?

Can you lose weight by eating high fiber rich foods for breakfast?

SusieQ's Oatmeal Breakfast

SusieQ's Oatmeal Breakfast

I get asked this question quite often from my clients. No one should ever skip breakfast in the mornings. This is the necessary fuel that is essential to giving you energy throughout the day. When you skip eating breakfast in the mornings, trust me when I tell you that you will make up for it at night! These actions will contribute to your weight gain. In order to lose weight you must incorporate high fiber rich foods to regulate your digestive system. SusieQ always starts her mornings with Oatmeal, Egg Whites & Flax Seed Oil. (Watch SusieQ’s Nutrition & Fitness Tips Video below)

On the “SusieQ FitLife: Arms of a First Lady” DVD, bonus feature “Watch Your Mouth!” in the kitchen with Wellness Coach Sal Fichera; SusieQ shares her personal eating preferences as well. These guidelines will help you be on your way to “Get a FitLife”.

Published Research in the Journal of American Dietetic Association has also shown that incorporation of a high fiber cereal to the daily meal resulted in more weight loss than in the group who only cut down calories. The study involved comparing three weight-loss strategies: exercise only; exercise plus a reduced-calorie diet that emphasized whole-grain cereals; and exercise plus a low-cal diet that included no cereals.

Do you consume more calories than you burn during exercise? Oh my goodness! Have you begun to exercise at all yet? Whoa! Keep in mind while you “Watch Your Mouth” that weight loss equates to cutting down on high dense calorie foods. In order to lose weight, you must be more active to burn calories & fat to attain your weight-loss goals! Stay tuned, as SusieQ will break down exercise & sporting activities to help you achieve these goals!

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The Power of Living & Learning At Any Age!

The First Lady of Fitness!

Jane Fonda SusieQ FitLife

Jane Fonda was on Oprah yesterday.  It is hard to believe that Jane Fonda is at the age of 72 looking incredibly fit & fabulous! Jane Fonda is the First Lady of Fitness! 

She spoke so profoundly, that I had to share: To do life right, you keep living until the day you day! The challenge is not to be perfect but to be whole! She demonstrated exercises as the Fitness Icon & Veteran that she is! I strive to have “SusieQ FitLife” empower & encourage people to improve their lives; onward & outward, as Jane Fonda has for the past 3 Decades! Having the Staying Power to “Get a FitLife!” and maintain it… simply, Priceless!

Please feel free to share your thoughts on what inspires you to “Get a FitLife” and how do you plan on living “Your FitLife” from this day forward?

Like “SusieQFitLife” Facebook Page for more tips to help you “Get a FitLife!”

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