Posted by: SusieQ FitLife | April 1, 2010

Play a Prank on yourself today! Let the Joke be on you today.

Play a Prank on yourself today!

Play a Prank on yourself today!


Play a Prank on yourself today! Let the Joke be on you today.  So why not have the last laugh?   

Open your mind to doing something new with your body and FitLife today! Having the ability to randomly do something different TODAY, that you normally wouldn’t do!   

Kick off your morning by doing something as outrageous as brushing your teeth by using your less dominate hand! Switch hands and think from the opposite side of your brain today! Can you do it? Will you try it?    

Now let’s go a step further here and show me what you’ve got! Challenge yourself to do one activity for 15-20 minutes or shake up your workout routine and do something less regimented.  When we do new things it creates a new excitement when we don’t quite know what outcome to expect! Not only will your new activity increase brain activity, possibly allowing you to sweat more than usual but you also experience new stimuli!   

Imagine not feeling as bored, drained, or dreadfully predictable.  What are you still doing? Why aren’t you getting ready to live your FitLife right now? You can create more energy for yourself, become smarter, feel more creative, spontaneous, sociable, and have more clarity & self-confidence.  Developing new ways of thinking and living your FitLife gives you the power to take charge of your life instead of just going through the motions.  Living life on auto-pilot is not so cool.  If you change your mindset, is it true that you can change your life? Please don’t take my word for it! See it, try it and do it for yourself! When you find out let me know and please post the new activity you did on this FitLife blog! I will tell you what I did differently today, tomorrow!     

The essential elements of opening your mind are the willingness to recognize the enriching benefits of doing so.  New ways of thinking create new experiences; exposing you to travel new routes that may allow you to meet a new person or for your body to be challenged in a new way! Let the joke be on you today and have the last laugh! Get a FitLife!    

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