Posted by: SusieQ FitLife | May 13, 2010

Quickest Way to Burn Fat & Increase Heart Rate!

Okay, so you are probably wondering… SusieQ! What did you do that was exciting and new? Well, I am practicing what I preach and I am not just running off and telling everyone else to do something without doing it myself.  So, after writing the last FitLife blog post, I decided that I wanted to get my heart rate up quicker.  I also wanted to try something different that I have never experienced before, because life is too short.

So I decided to try out the pole dancing class.  Wrong move.  This unfortunately did not work out too well for me; much later I will tell you and show you why (Plus, I am shy about exposing too many body parts to the world, so I’ll let Mariah Carey do all that for now).  I decided to jump with one of my trainer friends Mario Green on NBC’s LXNY TV show with Kangoo’s.  You can click, watch and see the exciting time we all had dancing to Michael Jackson’s thriller and being a maniac with Reporter Ben on the show.

Please let me know what you have done to try something different and new, since the last blog. Please don’t be afraid to post all the exciting new things you have tried. Weigh-in on all your thoughts…


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