Posted by: SusieQ FitLife | October 18, 2010

Do You Underestimate How Much You Eat?

Chocolate Treat

Chocolate Treat

Do you underestimate how much sugars and calories you are consuming? Well it is that time of the month again, where people must decide if they want a trick or a treat.  Surprisingly, most people settle for a treat(s).  In this instance… must you avoid the chocolates and candies that everyone is giving out this entire month? Well, it is a good idea to limit and track your intake.  Studies have shown that over 72% of people underestimate the number of calories they consume on a given day. 

People tend to forget the smaller sized snack foods and candies they may consume (whether provided by family, friends or a colleague at work).  Quick snack foods and unplanned treats are often forgotten about when people recall the food they ate at the end of a day.  When we decide to treat ourselves to a snack on impulse, it usually gets devoured extremely quickly.  This impulsive act does not allow you to enjoy the texture and flavor of the treat that should be kept to a minimum.  If you are going to snack on occasion, please try to plan ahead and do it right.  Believe it or not, treats actually taste better when you demonstrate patience and devise a plan.  If you think this treat is something that you want to have, you can save it for a later time and day to eat it.  This allows you to be in control of how and when you want to eat the treat. 

There is no need to eat snack foods in secrecy and hide wrappers either; if you are doing this just raise your hand or leave your own comment below.  You will feel so much better about yourself when you limit your treats and keep things in stride and in moderation.  Sometimes, you may wait long enough and the feeling and mood may pass and you no longer want to snack on that particular food item.  If you are a Mom your job is a little bit harder! More on that in the next “FitLife” post.


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