Posted by: SusieQ FitLife | November 17, 2010

Carolla Not Into Michelle Obama’s Arms! REALLY?!!

Adam Carolla vs SusieQ FitLife!

Adam Carolla vs SusieQ FitLife!

Watch the official Video Clip Below!
MSNBC’s show “Morning Joe” featured Adam Carolla, stating: “Chicks getting washboard abs and arms like Madonna. Ladies we don’t care about arms! Stop being so thrilled with everyone’s arms. Oh, Michelle Obama look at her arms! Oh who cares!”

Just what exactly is Adam Carolla insinuating men are interested in when he says: “Who cares about arms, we’re interested in other parts”? Essentially, every woman wants to look and feel good for herself. These statements are discouraging to people striving to “Get a FitLife”. Telling someone not to care about their arms or abs is like telling someone not to worry about working out! Welcome, heart disease, obesity and diabetes!

Michelle Obama needs to be commended for being such an amazing example of good health. Our First Lady is leading our nation to healthy living! Most likely, Mr. Carolla (wearing his full sleeved pullover) has a possible complex with his own arms and may be dissatisfied with his own physique. Secretly, Adam may desire having “Arms of a First Lady” and SusieQ has the perfect solution to Mr. Carolla’s problem.

Thankfully, Adam does not speak for all men! There are a large number of men who are working out to “SusieQ FitLife: Arms of a First Lady” Fitness DVD. Furthermore, there are many men who enjoy the healthy look of Michelle Obama’s arms! Thanks to the DVD it is now possible to attain! If Adam Carolla believes “In Fifty Years, We’ll All Be Chicks” he better start training, if he wants to qualify.

As a Celebrity Fitness Trainer, SusieQ is working towards joining forces with Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign to encourage our kids and ROCK the nation! SusieQ finds Mr. Carolla’s comments disappointing!! You can’t possibly work your arms without incorporating the entire body. The “Arms of a First Lady” DVD provides a full body workout. The arm targeted workout incorporates bursts of cardio and full body sculpting.

SusieQ will soon make a LIVE proposition on TV to Adam Carolla that will involve his good friend Jimmy Kimmel! Stay tuned!! Between me & you, I don’t think Adam Carolla can win this bet! We say to you Adam… Don’t get mad! Simply, “Watch Your Mouth!” & “Get a FitLife!”


  1. Susie: I wonder if Adam Carolla’s mother ever held him in her arms. I wonder if a little child has ever wrapped their arms around his neck and given him a great big hug. I wonder if he’s ever had the thrill of holding a child in his arms and gazing in to their loving eyes. I wonder if he has ever had a woman, or man, embrace him…to give him love, to congratulate him, to make his day just a little brighter.It seems to me that the arms are the most important part of the body. I’d say he’s so missing out. Lets feel sorrow, not anger, for the man that thinks that the arms are not an important part of the anatomy. I’d say they’re my favorite part! Adam, if you’re reading this, come to South Florida, I have a big hug waiting for you with my arms of a First Lady!

    • Ms. Ellen Sue! I think that is a very interesting point that you have made. I did not even see this angle from your point of view. Your comment seems very accurate and this man that they call Adam Carolla may be out of touch with his emotions. Hopefully, he will not hide for much longer from the SusieQ FitLife Challenge. I will not let him off the hook!

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