Posted by: SusieQ FitLife | March 28, 2011

ECA World Fitness NYC! Celebrates 20th Anniversary!

The ECA World Fitness – International Organization celebrates their 20th Anniversary in NYC! Never before have Fitness Professionals in NYC been recognized for their talents; nor has there been a portal for Instructors/Trainers to go for knowledge and cutting edge information. ECA is responsible for providing the hottest Fitness Conventions in the world! New York & Miami are the most innovative and creative platforms, where the ECA annually provide their high energy fueled events! CEO & Founder Carol Scott urges many future attendees and fitness hopefuls, that this event will change lives!

Billy Blanks & SusieQ @ECA!

Billy Blanks & SusieQ @ECA!

Billy Blanks, Israelian Hunk Gilad & many other Fitness professionals were there to celebrate this special anniversary. Calvin Wiley received top honors as an A-List Master Instructor at the award show, for his fabulous Calvinography classes, that is out of this WORLD! Seane Corn & Petra Kolber were a few of the many also awarded. Angie Bunch, founder of the hip-hop Culture Shock group announced her retirement as a Presenter. SusieQ was inspired to instruct hip-hop aerobic classes when referred to the ECA from a family relative-fitness instructor, where she originally fell in love with Angie’s moves! Luckily Cheyenne Kibblewhite will take over the reins & she’s just fantastic too!
Tony Stone & SusieQ FitLife @ECA NYC

Tony Stone & SusieQ FitLife @ECA NYC

Celebrity Choreographer, Tony Stone confirmed that the ECA brings an excitement and energy unlike any other place. He says that the most talented people attend the ECA events and learn so many things! Exuberant tradeshows with various vendors introducing brand new products & ideas all begin with the ECA, who continuously raise the bar for fitness industry standards.

Paul Chek & SusieQ FitLife!

Paul Chek & SusieQ FitLife!

The educational lectures are the cream of the crop. When you have the likes of Lisa Wheeler & thought provoking, Mr. Paul Chek, who is well known to be controversial, cocky & brilliant! Who would miss out on any of these essential learning tools that help create well qualified Fitness Professionals? Individuals who are serious about their career will not miss out on this event, because who can afford to do that? Fitness Pro’s must constantly work on improving themselves; while continuing their education, in order to give their very best to private clients/ gym members.

If you don’t believe what you’ve read! See it for yourselves! Watch Video above!

Angie Bunch Culture Shock & SusieQ FitLife! @ECA NYC!

Angie Bunch & SusieQ FitLife!

Gilad, SusieQ FitLife, Core Fitness!

Gilad, SusieQ FitLife, Julianne & Darya!


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