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SusieQ Rocks The Dr. OZ Show!

SusieQ Fitness Expert on the Dr. Oz Show!

SusieQ Fitness Expert on the Dr. Oz Show!

Did somebody say, dance & exercise all at the same time? The explosive dance exercise that SusieQ teaches Dr. Oz is called the Ultimate Flab Buster Workout on The DR. OZ Show! SusieQ’s FitLife Dancers & the audience went WILD! Even the NBC Building Security was giving props to the “Q-Girl”.

SusieQ is officially stamped with the Dr. OZ seal of approval!

Dr.OZ can move and groove like no other doctor we have seen in the Medical Field!  Dr. Oz represented the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University like no other DOC can!

Dr. Oz gets down with SusieQ!

Who says, you can’t dance & exercise at the same time? SusieQ shows you how to do it and have fun with it! Burn calories and lose weight!

People are already talking about SusieQ’s moves on a fan based website for Dr. Oz: Doctor Oz is forever preaching to us that our waist size is a critical factor for good overall health, so why not try to whittle our waists with Susie Q’s Ultimate Flab Buster Workout! As always, I will do my best to describe her 3 moves to a thin waist! Get ready to “Watch Your Mouth!”, “Ride the Train” & “Pump” it up! Read More to learn…

Don’t wait! Watch Dr. OZ get down with SusieQ! Right NOW! You have to see for yourself!




Dr. Oz & SusieQ "Ultimate Flab Buster Workout"

Dr. Oz & SusieQ "Ultimate Flab Buster Workout"


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Do You Underestimate How Much You Eat?

Chocolate Treat

Chocolate Treat

Do you underestimate how much sugars and calories you are consuming? Well it is that time of the month again, where people must decide if they want a trick or a treat.  Surprisingly, most people settle for a treat(s).  In this instance… must you avoid the chocolates and candies that everyone is giving out this entire month? Well, it is a good idea to limit and track your intake.  Studies have shown that over 72% of people underestimate the number of calories they consume on a given day. 

People tend to forget the smaller sized snack foods and candies they may consume (whether provided by family, friends or a colleague at work).  Quick snack foods and unplanned treats are often forgotten about when people recall the food they ate at the end of a day.  When we decide to treat ourselves to a snack on impulse, it usually gets devoured extremely quickly.  This impulsive act does not allow you to enjoy the texture and flavor of the treat that should be kept to a minimum.  If you are going to snack on occasion, please try to plan ahead and do it right.  Believe it or not, treats actually taste better when you demonstrate patience and devise a plan.  If you think this treat is something that you want to have, you can save it for a later time and day to eat it.  This allows you to be in control of how and when you want to eat the treat. 

There is no need to eat snack foods in secrecy and hide wrappers either; if you are doing this just raise your hand or leave your own comment below.  You will feel so much better about yourself when you limit your treats and keep things in stride and in moderation.  Sometimes, you may wait long enough and the feeling and mood may pass and you no longer want to snack on that particular food item.  If you are a Mom your job is a little bit harder! More on that in the next “FitLife” post.

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Dr. Oz Learns SusieQ Moves!

Dr. Oz's Girls!

Dr. Oz's Girls!

SusieQ teaches Dr. Oz a thing or two with an all new “Ultimate Flab Blaster Workout” dance exercise that she created on The Dr. Oz Show.  Broadcasts on Friday, October 22, 2010.  These movements involve using the entire body! It will condition and tone all of the “problem areas” before the holidays begin!

(SusieQ appears with the FitLife Dancers: Jennifer, Michelle, Gina, Kathleen, Jill & Lisa!) 

Wait until you see how the audience and Dr. Oz reacted in The NBC Rockefeller Studios! The show will broadcast on Friday, October 22, 2010! It will be a phenomenal experience that you won’t want to miss!!!

Dr. Oz & SusieQ

Dr. Oz & SusieQ

We can’t give away any details on the unique dance moves performed but it will increase your heart rate, allowing you to burn off some calories and work your body the SusieQ way!

Stay Tuned & Thanks for watching!


PS: Special thanks to Lisa Brandes & my Mom for encouraging me to pursue the Dr. Oz show, as she is his number one fan! She gets to keep the shirt too!

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Put Yourself FIRST TODAY!

SusieQ's on Broadway!

SusieQ's on Broadway!


Good Morning! 

SusieQ will see you now… Today & Every Wednesday this Summer! YES! EVERY Wednesday @ 12:15pm for the ENTIRE SUMMER!!! LIVE @ The Lincoln Barnes & Noble (66th/Broadway) location!!! Walk-by & see the huge store front poster in the window on Broadway or see the in-store setup display. “Arms Of A First Lady”, has truly arrived! Hollywood, Florida’s DUO Magazine newsletter has readers in the know about today’s special event series (log on and sign up): 

Let Celebrity Fitness Trainer, SusieQ answer your questions and personally autograph your fitness DVD! She’ll give you TIPS to Tone your ARMS and help you “Watch Your Mouth!”. 

If you can’t make it, simply call the B&N Lincoln store and reserve your copy by phone (212) 595-6859. Simply request an autographed copy if you order on a Wednesday! 

Please, forward the word to your family, friends, co-workers & social networks! Now we can all “Get a FitLife!” I’ll see you there! 

SusieQ FitLife: Arms Of A First Lady B&N Display!

SusieQ FitLife: Arms Of A First Lady B&N Display!


SusieQ FitLife Arms Of A First Lady DVD! Live@Lincoln Barnes & Noble!

SusieQ FitLife Arms Of A First Lady DVD! Live@Lincoln Barnes & Noble!

Do You Need To Do Right Now… To Feel Like The First Lady You Are?

You are most likely to be extremely busy putting yourself last on the list.  Meanwhile, Children, Family, Friends, Work, Daily Demands and such pressures may leave you last on the to do list!

Celebrity Fitness Trainer – SusieQ, asks you… What can you do differently TODAY or even Next Week that can make you feel good about yourself physically, emotionally, mentally? It could be something as simple as attending a new exercise class or going for an extended walk with a friend, or scheduling a long bath for yourself to pamper and treat yourself.  You could simply plan ahead and prepare a healthy meal that will make you feel light and energized.  Every woman is a First Lady! But not every woman puts herself FIRST! Until now!

SusieQ will be Live @ The Lincoln Barnes & Nobles to help you find the answers you are looking for to motivate you to become the best First Lady that you can be! Finally, putting yourself FIRST! Guilt free! “SusieQ FitLife: Arms Of A First Lady! Fitness DVD just launched to some raving reviews from Hollywood, Florida based DUO Magazine to  It might just help you along your journey with some empowering movements!

 Do not miss out on getting FREE TIPS to Feel Like the First Lady you already are!

For in-store event details @ The Lincoln Barnes & Noble please call (212) 595-6859.

Weigh-in with your thoughts right here!

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Launch Party Blast!

SusieQ Launched!

Thank You, ALL for making “Arms Of A First Lady!” Launch Party a huge success! The flooding attendance, energy, support,  & love that filled the air was priceless!  

Many received advanced autographed DVD’s (and posters) before the Barnes & Nobel release date on June 22nd in stores and online! 

Witness the love inside the Katwalk Lounge! Special, thanks to all of our sponsors from The Vitamin Shoppe, Granzoti, Bagel & Bean, Clif Bar (LUNA), Entrepreneur Enterprises, Gold’s Gym NYC, Go Glam Beauty & Soft Sheen Carson Products, endorsed by Michelle Obama’s Stylist – Johnny Wright! The gift bags were an amazing treat and everyone is still buzzing about it! 

Appearances were also made by: VH1’s Dad Camp – Dr. Jeff Gardere, NY1 TV’s Jessica Abo, DVD Featured Sal Fichera, Hiie, JICNY’s Ari & Marlene Goodman & Fmr. NBA Star Abdul Fox! 

Watch the online updates on coming soon! So glad you all enjoyed the gift bags!!!!! Much love now “Get a FitLife!”

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Quickest Way to Burn Fat & Increase Heart Rate!

Okay, so you are probably wondering… SusieQ! What did you do that was exciting and new? Well, I am practicing what I preach and I am not just running off and telling everyone else to do something without doing it myself.  So, after writing the last FitLife blog post, I decided that I wanted to get my heart rate up quicker.  I also wanted to try something different that I have never experienced before, because life is too short.

So I decided to try out the pole dancing class.  Wrong move.  This unfortunately did not work out too well for me; much later I will tell you and show you why (Plus, I am shy about exposing too many body parts to the world, so I’ll let Mariah Carey do all that for now).  I decided to jump with one of my trainer friends Mario Green on NBC’s LXNY TV show with Kangoo’s.  You can click, watch and see the exciting time we all had dancing to Michael Jackson’s thriller and being a maniac with Reporter Ben on the show.

Please let me know what you have done to try something different and new, since the last blog. Please don’t be afraid to post all the exciting new things you have tried. Weigh-in on all your thoughts…

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Try Something New & I Will Too!

You Do It & I'll Do It Too!

You Do It & I'll Do It Too!


Try something new & I will too!         

How many times do you read or receive advice through various blogs or articles and wonder if the author is following the same counsel or experiencing the journey with you? Well you are not alone because SusieQ is going through it too!         

In fact, trying new things can lead you to explore great adventures!  In the last post entitled “Playing a prank on yourself” focused on not taking yourself too seriously, in order to experience new things.  Creating limitations in our life closes the door on having endless possibilities.  Let’s START to cultivate a new blazing trail that will lead us to some powerful ways of thinking.          

Essentially, we need to begin by implementing some small positive changes in our lives and perform new activities! The key work is to start! So, I thought it would be best to share with you a new activity that I engaged in yesterday to get the ball rolling.  I participated in a new fitness class called Kangoo! This was something I had never done before with a good trainer and leader named Mario.  The exercise consists of wearing a rebound sport shoe which provides many great health benefits.  To demonstrate the moves to you we will actually appear on CBS in a pre-recorded segment.  (Videos, Pics & links will be posted and broadcast times will be announced).         

When we open our minds we can change our bodies and “Get a FitLife!” Now it’s your turn.  Please let me know what new activity or challenge you are embarking on or better yet have just begun! Weigh in with your thoughts right here!

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Play a Prank on yourself today! Let the Joke be on you today.

Play a Prank on yourself today!

Play a Prank on yourself today!


Play a Prank on yourself today! Let the Joke be on you today.  So why not have the last laugh?   

Open your mind to doing something new with your body and FitLife today! Having the ability to randomly do something different TODAY, that you normally wouldn’t do!   

Kick off your morning by doing something as outrageous as brushing your teeth by using your less dominate hand! Switch hands and think from the opposite side of your brain today! Can you do it? Will you try it?    

Now let’s go a step further here and show me what you’ve got! Challenge yourself to do one activity for 15-20 minutes or shake up your workout routine and do something less regimented.  When we do new things it creates a new excitement when we don’t quite know what outcome to expect! Not only will your new activity increase brain activity, possibly allowing you to sweat more than usual but you also experience new stimuli!   

Imagine not feeling as bored, drained, or dreadfully predictable.  What are you still doing? Why aren’t you getting ready to live your FitLife right now? You can create more energy for yourself, become smarter, feel more creative, spontaneous, sociable, and have more clarity & self-confidence.  Developing new ways of thinking and living your FitLife gives you the power to take charge of your life instead of just going through the motions.  Living life on auto-pilot is not so cool.  If you change your mindset, is it true that you can change your life? Please don’t take my word for it! See it, try it and do it for yourself! When you find out let me know and please post the new activity you did on this FitLife blog! I will tell you what I did differently today, tomorrow!     

The essential elements of opening your mind are the willingness to recognize the enriching benefits of doing so.  New ways of thinking create new experiences; exposing you to travel new routes that may allow you to meet a new person or for your body to be challenged in a new way! Let the joke be on you today and have the last laugh! Get a FitLife!    

Weigh in your thoughts!

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Have Arms Become The New Face Of The Body?


SusieQ & Susie Orman Holding the SusieQ FitLife - Arms Of A First Lady DVD
SusieQ & Suze Orman

Have Arms Become The New Face Of The Body? Since Michelle Obama has come in to the Oval Office, the face of body has begun to change. Many women feel that they too should have the right to bare their arms as well! SusieQ FitLife has launched this new page to help you achieve those guns! Do you want to bare your arms and change the style of fashion today as we know it and begin to remove your sleeves from outfits and dresses?              

When it comes to achieving the Arms of a First Lady, bulking is not the suggested way to go. I think that is why many women are drawn to Michelle Obama, because she has a healthy, athletic, feminine look while not having overly muscular arms of a man.            

Sculpting and toning the arms is the best way to create lean and defined arms without the bulk. There are several variations of exercises that can be done to achieve this look. The upcoming “SusieQ FitLife – Arms Of A First Lady” DVD, has a complete beginner level of exercises that doesn’t require a lot of weight and also features household items! That’s right it won’t cost you a penny to workout if you are a beginner because you already have these items right in your own home! There is an intermediate and advanced level of exercises that are also performed with elastic tubing bands and weights.            

There is no need to struggle and strain with heavy weights however; because the saying is true that less is more. When it comes to bicep and tricep exercises, you may be surprised that you can fatigue the muscle using your own natural body weight through calisthenics; such as doing Tricep Dips to failure (going to the point of no return where you feel you can’t perform anymore). These tricks and variations of dips plus many other exercises featured on the DVD are great timesavers, especially if you are a busy person who does not have a lot of time on your hands.            

I will start posting video clips of various arm exercises online and show you some behind the scenes footage of the upcoming Fitness DVD entitled, SusieQ FitLife – Arms Of A First Lady! Available this Spring 2010!     

Even the “Money Power-House Woman”, Suze Orman is excited about this highly anticipated release! Be sure to be a part of the action!

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